Get Into #FootballU!

(via MTV)In Nick Cannon’s new five episode animated series, “Football U,” the shots are called on a wide variety of issues currently bubbling up for America’s favorite pastime. The main character, Coach Pebow, is both fun loving and totally socially unaware. His good intentions are so riddled with unconscious bias that they are harmful. When he is praising the players on his team, he has a pre-written line for each of them, contingent not on their race, he says, but on the type of pants they are wearing… “because you can always tell someone’s race by their pants…”It’s hard not to watch “Football U” and feel kind of gross. It’s so obvious that Coach Pebow is biased (whether he knows it or not is still up for debate), and yet he is the person speaking the loudest. He is still the guy in charge. And maybe it’s uncomfortable to watch because, well, it’s kind of true? He’s that guy who gets away with saying whatever he wants because of who he is. Sound familiar? Yeah, probably.Series creator Nick Cannon was not just inspired by football, but also the long running history of cartoons commenting on the cultural zeitgeist. click here for the full article